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The Process

Sampling & dispensing of ingredients such as chemicals excipients, actives, solvents and other chemical entities used for production by the food, cosmetic, pharmaceutical & biologicals industry has been closely monitored by international regulatory agencies. This process step requires significant design and qualification inputs. Klenzaids has been designing, building, installing and qualifying open fronted and close fronted downflow booths for these industries on a consistent basis. Industry leaders have today consequently perfected this process and made this process-step completely online from batch control to batch release.

The Product

  • Cabinet in SS304
  • Frames for HEPA Filters and Prefilters
  • Horizontal vertical covings to avoid dust collection
  • In-built protective mesh for main HEPA filter bank
  • Protective grille for scavenging prefilters
  • UltraKlenz® H14 HEPA filter – supply & exhaust
  • MicroKlenz F5 pre-filter – Scavenging
  • MicroKlenz F7 Pre-filter – Intermediate
  • Custom built motor blower with VFD
  • Digital pressure monitor with High/Low alarm and acknowledgement switch for all filters
  • Horizontal covings on the inner side of the unit along the floor to avoid dust collection
  • Air sampling port at the downstream side of the scavenging prefilter & intermediate prefilter
  • Anti-drag shield for air flow directing at front side
  • PAO introduction port at upstream side of HEPA filter for integrity test
  • Stand-alone SS perforated platform and body on vibration isolation & lockable castor wheels to locate weigh balances
  • LED Light
  • Electrical control panel
  • Blower trip alarm as a safety measure
    Value adds:
  • MOC SS316
  • Containment safety guards/barriers
  • CE marking on request
  • PLC and HMI
  • Velocity Sensor with display
  • Sodium vapor lamp
  • UltraKlenz® ULPA U15 filter
  • Climate control
  • Custom size as per requirements

The Video

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